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Mary Welch (Vocals, songwriter) has 10yrs experience. Born in McAllen, Texas now living in Austin Texas. She has always loved to sing, even as a child. Has a beautiful mesmerizing voice with very good range. Mary has family all over the US, Mexico and Germany and they are all very proud and supportive of her and the rest of the band. Also sings on Benny Rye's country music CD. Shortly after Benny’s CD was completed she started working on her own CD (Long Country Road) which was completed on 11/3/01. While working on her CD Mary and her friend John Dunnam started putting the band (Nopal Negro) together.

11 great songs, aided and abetted by:
Drums, Percussionist - Ernie Durawa, Freddie Steady Krc
Bass Guitar - David Zettner, Speedy Sparks
Guitar - John X Reed
Acoustic Guitar (Star in my Heart) - Brad Brobisky
Accordion - Bradley J. Williams
Piano - Earl Poole Ball
Keyboard, Harmonica - Matt Hubbard
Fiddle - Champ Hood
Vocals - Mary Welch

Backup Vocals -Terri Rector
Producer - Brad Brobisky (South Congress Records)
Associate Producers - Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Howell
Engineered and Mixed by - Todd Dillon, Matt Hubbard & Boo Macleod

1. She got to Move 3:30 (Rich Minus)
2. Cancion Eterna 3:49 (Mary Welch)
3. Painted Pony 3:37 (Brad Brobisky)
4. Star in my Heart 2:57 (Billy Joe Shaver)
5. Curame 5:08 (lyrics by Ernestina Howell, music by Welch/Maddox)
6. Those Days are Gone 4:00 (R.C. Banks)
7. Rainbow 5:23 (Brad Brobisky)
8. Why don't You Love Me 2:35 (Hank Williams sr.)
9. And I Love Him 3:26 (Lennon/McCartney)
10. Long Country Road 4:48 (Mary Welch)
11. Visions of You 2:47 (Mary Welch)
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"Visions of You"

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