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West Texas has always been a breeding ground for great guitar players, and Jesse Taylor and John Reed are living proof of that. When Jesse told me that he and John were doing an album with Nokie Edwards, it was as if a certain destiny had been fulfilled. Great musicians find each other, plain and simple. When I heard the record, I was once again, taken far away to that place I had visited years before on the dusty Lubbock day.
Call it Paradise or call it Heaven.
Either way, you too, will be taken to that place.

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Two Texas Legends have finally made their first record together, after thirty years of friendship. With George Raines on drums, Glen Fukanaga on bass and a special guest appearance by Nokie Edwards of the Ventures on one song make this a special treat for fans of Texas music.

Joe Ely,
January 1, 2002
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1. Don't Give Up (Jesse "Guitar" Taylor)
2. War Baby (Glen Fukanaga & John X Reed)
3. Sin Sa Shun (Freddie King & Sonny Thompson)
4. Sensitive Parts (Glen Fukanaga & Jesse "Guitar" Taylor)
5. Black Snake Moan (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
6. Johanna Street (Brad Brobisky)
7. Ram Buck Sush (Henry Glover, Lucky Mellinder, Jimmy Mendy)
8. Memphis (Chuck Berry: Lonnie Mack Style)
9. San Ho Zay (Freddie King & Sonny Thompson)
10. Cajun Fiddle (Buck Owens & Don Rich)
11. Sack O' Woe (Julian Adderly)
12. Last Date (Floyd Cramer Jr.)
13. On the Banks of the Ponchatrain (Hank Williams, Sr.)

John X Reed & Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. Photography © John Cerrico.
Jesse "Guitar" Taylor & John X Reed

Jesse Taylor left this world on March 15, 2006. Anyone who knew him or heard his music will miss him forever.

Here's a few links in memorial to Jesse 'Guitar' Taylor:

Johnny X Reed continues to play guitar for many bands, including Alvin Crow and The Nortons.