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"Benny brings the aching strings of love and heartache from the streets, with all the truth and brightness of the morning sun."
Billy Joe Shaver

12 great songs, aided and abetted by:
Guitars - Jesse Guitar Taylor, John X Reed, Don McCalister
Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin - Bob Brown
Bass - David Waddell
Drums - Jim Starboard
Vocals - Billy Joe Shaver, Wayne "The Train" Hancock,
Mary Welch

Producer - Brad Brobisky (South Congress Records)

1. Never Mind (Vocals; Benny Rye & Mary Welch)
2. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (Vocals; Benny Rye & Mary Welch)
3. Walk The Way The Wind Blows (Vocals; Benny Rye & Billy Joe Shaver)
4. Together Again (Vocals; Benny Rye)
5. Old Flames (Vocals; Benny Rye & Mary Welch)
6. I Still Can't Believe That You're Gone (Vocals; Benny Rye & Don McCalister)
7. Love's Gonna Live Here (Vocals; Benny Rye & Mary Welch)
8. I'm Not Coming Home (Vocals; Benny Rye)
9. Waiting On A Train (Vocals; Benny Rye & Wayne "The Train" Hancock)
10. Love At The Speed Of Loneliness (Vocals; Benny Rye & Mary Welch)
11. Ragged But I'm Right (Vocals; Benny Rye)
12. Knucklehead (Bob Gilley)

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Benny Cortez Rye passed peacefully from this life on Wednesday, January 9, 2002. Benny's "Going Away" party was held on Saturday, January 19, 2002 at Jovita's Cantina in Austin, TX. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of Benny's family and friends who attended - those on the stage and also those who attended in spirit.

Following is a list of friends who joined Jesse "Guitar" Taylor, Johnny X Reed, David Carroll and Leland Waddell onstage to celebrate Bennys' life and music:
Cody Garrett (Austin)
Nick Dell (Austin/Waco)
Pete Mitchell ( Waco)

John Ward (Austin)
Mary Welch (Austin)
Charlie Pritchard (Austin)
Aaron Ard (Waco)
Barbara Ard (Waco)
Roy Heinrich (Austin)
Tommy X Hancock (Austin)
John "Knucklehead" Galey (Waco)
Alvin Crow (Austin)
Doak Short (Austin)
Conni Hancock (Austin)
Traci Lamar (Austin)
Brad Brobisky (Austin)
Mike Robberson (Austin)
Chelsea "Git To It" Taylor (Austin)
Many more friends were there to play...
A celebration was held at the home of Cody and Nicole following the event.

Benny Rye