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Released in 1997, Every Dog Is A Star was eagerly awaited by Keepers fans. Powered by the distinctive lead guitar of Jesse Taylor and superbly complemented by Ponty Bone's accordion and Brad's songs, the Keepers had become one of Austin's top live Rock bands. Watching the Keepers play at the Austin Outhouse or Hank's Roadhouse guaranteed a rockin' good time before those venues were closed. Backed up by the Rhythm section of David and Leland Waddel, and often joined by Tomas Ramirez on saxophone, the Keepers took no prisoners.

This CD features guest appearances by Spencer Jarmon, Lloyd Maines, Toni Price, Champ Hood, Roddy Colona, Jimmy Pettit, Gil "T" Ysais, Shawn Philips, Don Leady, Davis McLarty and Barry "Frosty" Smith. The twelve songs are all written or co-written by Brad Brobisky: A Hard Year, A Dozen Diamond Mines, Don't Wait Too Long, Pretty Little One, '62 Lark, Ghosts, Tennessee, Pills and Powders, Morning Wednesday, Angel Wings, Rainbow and When The World Was Fresh And Warm.

The Keepers Every Dog Is A Star CD is available through South Congress Records.

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